I’m Naomi Campbell, Welcome To My (Jamaican) Crib!

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Wouldn’t you simply love to hear that? One day? Okay, nuff dreaming! Getting back to reality, it’s about a video tour in Naomi Campbell’s Jamaica retreat.

To my greatest surprise, Naomi is quite modest, down to earth (well, kinda), she sounds natural and cute for the occasion. I was expecting something more… well, temperamental, instead I got someone who’s afraid of mosquitoes, who drinks Pepsi and swears on simplicity! Even I could have styled those interiors, I promise you that! there’s hardly any fancywork inside, I’m lovin it! What do you think? ( Sassybella via The Cut)


#1 Adriana on 07.30.09 at 9:09 am

What I think is that The Cut tells us this isn’t Naomi’s crib at all after! They’ve corrected it after commenters protested. He “crib” is rented in a safe resort. It’s safer (alas) for tourists on poor but beautiful Jamaica. Everyone who can afford it can live for a while in that “crib”.
Sorry to sound negative but I’m not impressed since I’ve seen no sign of food in her fridge and Naomi is between her rages always very cute and modest and knows how to work it and always has been that way!

#2 Adriana on 07.30.09 at 9:10 am

Sorry again, forgot something: I love that house!!

#3 Ellington on 07.30.09 at 10:00 am

That is an old MTV Cribs episode.
I wonder if she still goes to that place? Yes Naomi can be very sweet when she wants to be, I just she just wanted to be that way more often.
I will say this though she is a fabu model and never seems to age at all!

#4 kpriss on 07.30.09 at 10:45 pm

oh, she’s wonderful, indeed. Tip to toes, it’s like she’s in her 20s forever!

So it’s an old episode, huh? too bad then.. so it’s a rented property, eh? So what about the planted trees, then?

#5 kpriss on 07.30.09 at 10:50 pm

(Naomi is Jamaican, right? she must have a place of her own in Jamaica, right? Maybe there’s still hope that this “rented” property end up as he home, after all!)

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