Louis Vuitton Core Values Campaign Moon Odyssey

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Some journeys change mankind forever. That’s how Louis Vuitton’s marketing team based on Annie Leibovitz masterful photography hope to turn the economy crunch in their favor.

The new LV Core Values campaign features Sally Ride (first American woman in space), Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11, first steps on the Moon, 1969), Jim Lovell (Apollo 13, commander. Thus Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11’s first steps on the Moon, Louis Vuitton’s ad places the legendary astronauts, under the Moon, in a pick up truck (must be at least 40-years old!) looking up in the Californian desert night sky.

Also, on July 2nd, the behind the scenes video of the Leibovitz photo shoot and interviews with the astronauts will be introduced on louisvuittonjourneys.com. I wonder if they phoshopped a LV bag on the Moon, carried by the Apollo 11’s crew 40 years ago.. wouldn’t it have been more effective? (and highly core values) (via)

Louis Vuitton core values ad campaign astronauts

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