The Power Plate By Kenzo Takada

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Now just how breathtakingly stylish is that? The new Power Plate as designed by Kenzo Takada is now available.

The flowery Power Plate by Kenzo looks irresistible and it could be yours for just $10,600 (7,990 euros)! It really is a bargain!

You have to consider that the pink-blue-green flower-mix Power Plate as designed by Kenzo Takada comes with an accessories pack (tatami, back cushions, an accessory platform and a push up) and most of all you can have a Power Plate T shirt and a pair of Power Plate socks! How could you say no? (the story continues right after the jump with more images)

Kenzo power plate

Given that the Power Plates are one of Madge’s favorites (Gwyneth Paltrow sworn on Power Plates too, if I remember correctly), my guess is the Power Plate by Kenzo will be this summer’s fit-hit! (how do you stay fit? Exercise? Diet? Naturally-lucky-thin? Fashion? ) (via 1, 2, 3)

Authenticity Certificate Kenzo Power Plate

Power Plate by Kenzo

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