What Makes A Model – Freshface Alena Enikeeva

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I was always surprised by a fashion photo shooting and how much it changes a face. A while back I posted a series of articles with before/after pictures of known models before make up vs photo shooting picture. The difference wasn’t all that notable. But that won’t make me rest my case: fashion photos change people.

For the good or the bad, you’ll be the judge! I’ll just gather some fresh faces from here and there and we’ll have our say if the girl is headed for a golden future in fashion or not. Today’s freshface is Alena Enikeeva. She’s an 1988 born young Russian 175cm/5’9” 79/63/91 // 30”/25”/36” with Brown hair and Green eyes. What’s your first impression? (via)

Alena Enikeeva pictures


#1 Ellington on 12.18.08 at 4:15 pm

She is very pretty and looks lovely and fresh without makeup and lovely with makeup.

#2 Dolly Bird on 12.18.08 at 4:46 pm

Interesting beauty and lets face it she has the basics for a make up artist’s dream. In her school yearbook she was probably tagged ‘The girl most likely…’

#3 Adriana on 12.19.08 at 7:47 am

Hey, is that the cute girl that lives in my street?

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