The Most Effective Anti-Wrinkles!

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Every now and then I enjoy a good beauty talk that can lead to something useful. I’m not into kiss blogosphere, nor will I ever encourage it, so let’s see what helpful beauty hint we came across today.

They say collagen fibers aren’t very lasting and while your life begins at 30, theirs ends at 30 (and even sooner if you’re a beach-addict).

Retinol anti wrinkles treatementWhat are the most effective ways to resurrect your collagen fibers? Well first of all and most in handy – Retinol ( the thing is you have to pay attention at the concentration when buying the miracle containing product).(more after the jump!)

Co2 laser resurfacing anti wrinkles treatmentSecond CO2 laser resurfacing – expensive and not to try at home ($5,000 it’s a laser based technique that removes superficial layers of skin and after the healing, new collagen emerges on spot) but you do it once and it lasts for few years. Third – the Hyaluronic acid – you can do it yourself, by local applications (the sad part is that it doesn’t stimulate the collagen’s production).

Hyaluronic Acid anti wrinkles treatementNow, because you were curious enough and read all the article – I can tell you a little secret – the wonder retinol reduces a world of wrinkles but also exposes your skin more to UV damage. Would you give up the sunbathing for ever to take care of your wrinkles the best way possible?


#1 Dolly Bird on 08.21.08 at 2:45 am

Gosh these look chillingly impressive.Especially thta lady after the CO2 laser resurfacing treatment.I saw on TV about a clinic in Morocca where there’s this chemical mask treatment that produced astounding effects on wrinkled women.Forgot the name of it.I don’t sunbath so for the moment I depend on my familiar moisturiser.

#2 Adriana on 08.21.08 at 6:21 am

Skip the sunbathing is the best anti-wrinkle cream when you’re healthy?

By the way, why are these articles always about “wrinkled women”? Men are into this all too.
Whatever, inside you get older or/and sick….I was shocked to read lately that girls begin to worry at 25 about ageing….now that’s sad….

Though I’ve to confess I do use collagene cream for the Lupus rash scars descriped by the doctor: miraculous! Used it on some other places too….Beautycare paid by my healthinsurance! But I guess they don’t read this blog…..

#3 Adriana on 08.21.08 at 6:24 am

P.S. Kpriss, I wanted to bring something to your attention….but I thought her sharp eyes see a lot. Of late I’ve read (and seen on tv) a lot of articles about the chemicals in beauty-care and the effect this has on our health….sighs deep here…I’ve not all studied it good enough but sounds kinda scary to me.

#4 jdc on 08.29.08 at 10:50 am

“retinol reduces a world of wrinkles but also exposes your skin more to UV damage”
Woah – I’d never heard of that before. Is that a well-established fact about retinol?

#5 kpriss on 09.09.08 at 5:10 am

Dolly Bird, would you consider a CO2 laser treatment?

Adriana, indeed there’s a world of speculation around chemical treatments (beauty or not). Last I heart, a guy deactivated his wireless network because his wife advised him against (because it has devastating effects on humans, she said! It’s a mad, mad world!). Where they should be paying attention, they’re sloppy, where they should advance with the techniques, they listen to vodoo and other mumbo-jumbo words of advice.

Jdc – that’s what the sources specified about retinol. It was the first time I heard about it, found it to be extremely interesting, so I brought it to everyone’s attention. If you know different, you’re welcome to contribute! Thanks for stopping by!

#6 Penny P on 03.04.10 at 9:01 pm

I have been using the Made from Earth Olive Night Creme for the last 4-5 years as my night cream. I am 42 years old and have virtually no wrinkles. I always moisten my face first with a spritz of water then emulsify the Olive Night Creme in the palm of my hand. It spreads easier all over face and neck. I also like to put it in my hair (small amount) after washing while still wet, then it combs out easily and makes my curls softer and shinier. It works great on dry hair (tiny amount rubbed in palms of hands) as defrizzer and shine booster. I also enjoy it as a hand/cuticle cream and lip balm. you can also use it as a female moisturizer or lubricant.

I love that it has no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Remember, honey is naturally antibacterial. I am sold for life! It is expensive at whole foods, but I sometimes see a deal on their website. I love this stuff and the jar does last quite a long time.

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