Interior Design Meet Alien Culture – Fornarina Store Las Vegas

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Looking at these pictures I wonder if Area 54 didn’t just linked into architecture and interior design and if so, I completely understand why they’re being kept secret! They’re really hard to live with. Deco Hard!

Nevertheless, I was a Fornarina fan in my adolescent days so I did my best to try and understand those spore-forms and that ellipticmadness reigning allover. There was just one thing going through my mind – that I should be one hard branded earthly individual since these designs are unquestionably creeping my gravity sense. (more pictures after the jump)

Fornarina Store Las Vegas

The project is signed by Giorgio Borruso Design. I wanted to see more of their work and see if it’s all so alienated but unfortunately, their website don’t offer more than contact details. Oh well, a portfolio is a hard thing to do these days, especially when you’re out of space! The magnificent shapes were created by Eventscape. Like true professionals , they have an artsy way to convince us that ever since 1993, when they started their deco adventure, they “create what’s next”.

Fornarina Inside Store Las Vegas

In a common sense logic, I’d declare that white is definitely in today’s architecture. From my completely unprofessional point of view, I’d ask why this sudden urge for purity when the consumerist society is going deeper into pollution? (click thumbnails to see larger images)

Fornarina Store Las Vegas interior Fornarina Store Las Vegas Decoration
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