Eva Longoria Maternity Outfit

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You know me, I’m stubbornly pursuing a subject until it’s proven true or false. And the maternity rumors surrounding Eva Longoria had me already stirred once before.

Now I’m getting back on the Eva-track and look at this marvelous white outfit just to ask you if this looks like a baby bump. It’s not a Fierce Siriano, I admit, it’s far from being glamorous but it’s an inch far from being the perfect maternity outfit. And I can’t even begin to tell you how they tire me with hiding away their pregnancies! Celeb-this-celeb-that pregnant or not, let’s roll the dice! Do you think Eva’s pregnant?

Eva Longoria Maternity Outfit
(photos via dailymail)


#1 Dolly Bird on 08.21.08 at 2:53 pm

Personally I don’t think so kpriss.I saw her on TV at the Olympic games with her Tony and she had on shorts and a tube-like top.She didn’t look pregnant.
As for the outfit above,she has been seen in similar surburban Florida like ensembles recently.
Having said that I’m starting to get suspicious about all those flat pumps she’s been wearing lately.Swollen feet…?

#2 Ellington on 08.21.08 at 5:16 pm

I don’t know and I don’t care.
If she is good for her, if she is not then oh well.

#3 Dolly Bird on 08.22.08 at 5:23 am

LOL Ellington frankly I don’t care either!LOL!
These over hyped so called celebrities are starting to get on my nerves.They don’t have to worry about the soaring price of the barrel of petrol!

#4 Adriana on 08.22.08 at 7:02 am

Dolly Bird, you don’t live in Europe do you? I know the U.S. isn’t really designed for walkers and cyclers like my country the Netherlands. You overthere do need your cars, I know. But we here do worry a lot too…due to the international economy and that bloody Euro I’ve always been firmly against! But who am I?

Oh, Eva Longoria is pregnant? Another pair of twins?
I just read Melanie Chisholm (Mel.C. /Spice Girls) is pregnant too. )
Yes, these celebs works on my nerves as well and the hype isn’t even that old….but its us, the readers who keep the paps going isn’t it?
Ah well, I’ve a weak-spot for ever looking happy and smiling Eva. But I believe she had to gain weight for her part in DHW were she becomes a mother of two as is rumored. I’m skinny too. And when I gain weight -at last- its always on the wrong place(s)…..

#5 yes ido like all fat liying celebs this days on 12.06.08 at 6:21 pm

yes ido like all fat lying celebs these days

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