Om Aroma Skin Care Line

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I’m sure you’ve all heard those talent spotter stories talking about how many times a famous face, a famous model was recruited when she was shopping, when she was on the beach, on an airport and so on. It’s like they all had a meeting with Fate.

Well, Destiny sure reached Angela Kim one day. Having a line of caviar, champagne and chardonnay cosmetics isn’t a normal becoming for a concert pianist, wouldn’t you agree? And still, this is the plain truth – she’s of an allergic nature and so she somehow magically woke up one morning after having a skin lotion allergy the night before and created an organic cosmetic universe in a piano stroke! (I bet that piano stroke had a heavy $ base behind, but for the fairy tale’s sake, let’s keep it simple).

Om Beauty ProductsThen again, if you’re a fan of fairy tales, you should also know that a piece of magic organic beauty kingdom comes with a heavy price tag too – a “beauty ritual collection” costs $348, and some “organic eye tea bags” cost $14. If that doesn’t makes you a princess the day after, the least it could do to you is a piano virtuoso, right?

Wondering – do you buy your beauty products because they’re well advertised, well presented, expensive or just because you have to so you take the first you see in the store?
(omaroma via luxist)


#1 Ellington on 07.30.08 at 2:46 pm

I buy what works for me and at the moment that is a combination of Dove, Aveda, and Nivea.
I use a different product from each line. Saying that I am not one for instantly trying things because they are new or expensive.

#2 Deanna Vazquez on 09.28.09 at 8:35 pm

In the end, it really is all about branding for the average consumer. If you have the marketing bucks you can pretty much charge what you like. Thankfully, I don’t have to buy skin care products. I make them! Yes, there are lines that are hell expensive and then there are those that are suspiciously cheap. In the end, it’s all about knowing what you’re looking for, reading the ingredient lists and figuring out exactly what you do like and what you don’t (and checking the safety rating!). Often times, what is inside the bottle of a highly expensive product is exactly the same as what is inside the bottle of a more reasonably priced product.

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