For How Long it’s Safe to Use Makeup Products Before they Expire?

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Sometimes I struggle to find a certain something to fit into an outfit so much that I completely mess up my wardrobe.

Weeks after, I get to the bottom of things and restore order in the closet. Every now and then I find a lipstick in my makeup case I completely forgot about, especially because I rarely wear lipstick, I open it up, smell it and wonder how long has it been since I bought it and if it’s still safe to use. If make up could be more like clothing, restore order and not being aware of the expiry period..

Makeup Products

Many cosmetics recipients have a logo mark wrote down to announce us just how long can you keep the product, use it, with no harm done, most of the make up products don’t have that encryption so it’s better for all of us to keep a list of the most common make up products and their “safe period” after opening:

•  mascara – 4-6 months
•  foundation (oil based) 18 months, (water based) 12 months
•  blusher (powder) 2-3 years, (cream) 18 months
•  nail polish 12 months (longer if kept in the fridge)
•  lipsticks & glosses a couple of years (away from heat sources)
•  eyeshadow and face powder 2 years, (cream formulas) 18 months (with lid shut tight)
•  pencils 2-3 years (away from the sun and sharpen regularly)

Makeup Storage and Makeup Brushes

Then again you have the commandments for your make up case :

1. clean your make up sponges and brushes with water and your regular soap
2. throw away broken make up (lipstick included)
3. throw away make-up when it smells weird
4. throw away brushes looking more like brooms
5. throw away everything passed its use-by date (either past the time announced by the logo marking or past the periods listed above)
6. don’t use make up if you have an eye infection
Please feel free to add your beauty commandment in a comment and I’ll update the article!
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#1 Adriana on 03.20.08 at 3:00 pm

Ah, I have some (I believe)?
– If it is too hot in summer always stash open jars or tubes with you beauty care in the fridge.
– Do always use a clean spatula for you beauty care, do not put your fingers in a jar ever. This to avoid bacteria. Or you can use a small jar and take some of a big jar with a spatula and clean that small jar when you do need new cream.
– An SPF factor which is only used when you sunbath in summer has lost a lot of its power as a SPF protector after a year.
Here in my country there’s never a date announced on the logo until my bewildering. Not even US import products. Never have found such a date on my beauty care. I don’t get this because it should to be a rule as for food etc. goes in my opinion.

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