Tom Cruise Valkyrie Vs Claus Von Stauffenberg Photoshop Courtesy

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Valkyrie is Tom Cruise’s endless film. Delayed two times already, the film may be jinxed. A photo just came out stirring more controversy to the motion picture.

The film is about Claus von Stauffenberg, a German Officer who plotted to eliminate Hitler. The problem is that the German officer bears a striking resemblance to Tom Cruise. And not the other way around as you would normally incline to believe. For the picture has been altered (of course the officials deny any involvement and don’t have any idea who could’ve modify the image) to make von Stauffenberg look every inch the Top Gun-ner Cruise. The internet is not without revenge, it seems, since the authentic picture has been brought to light. The Gods weren’t scientologists today!

Tom Cruise Varlkyrie German Officer Claus Von Stauffenberg Pictures
(photo via ontdt)

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#1 michelle on 06.27.08 at 12:10 am

This has bru-haha already been debunked and explained. Slate has had to admit that they were wrong in their accusation and sloppy with their research.

Basically , they aren’t the same photo . Slate didn’t do their research to make sure it was the correct photo and made a unfair accusation, and now have egg on their faces.

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