Sarah Jessica Parker US Vogue June 2008 By Annie Leibovitz

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I guess today I can let myself SATC go.. Since everyone will talk about it to exhaustion, let’s waste the subject!

Soooo, Sarah Jessica Parker on US Vogue cover for June! Refreshingly old, refreshingly bad looking, refreshingly gross pose all signed gloriously by Annie Leibovitz. It wasn’t that long that I asked myself (and everyone else) what was the story with the Miley Vanity Fair’s pictures, now this?! Well, Annie middle-name-Controversy Leibovitz, hasn’t this movie had enough publicity already? They felt you could be helpful? Then something’s wrong with the movie…(or with Sarah? You judge, after seeing both pictures!)

Sarah Jessica Parker Vogue US June 2008 by Annie Leibovitz

Well now… if cover-SJP looks like thiiiiis, then why torturing women if reality-SJP looks like this????

Sarah Jessica Parker Photos Vogue US
(photos via popcrunch)


#1 Armine Abrahamyan on 05.13.08 at 10:54 pm

I like this actress and she has a fantastic look on the cover page!


#2 Pola on 07.26.08 at 11:16 pm

Please help to tell me what shoes SJP is wearing in the Vogue spread with Chris Noth…

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