Kate Moss – The Book

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… and I imagine, shortly, the movie…Paris libraries were invaded by a high profile book – the (unauthorized) biography of Kate Moss.

Collecting words of wisdom and anecdotes from those close to La Moss, Françoise-Marie Santucci was able to cook up 300 pages of unofficial biopic without even having an interview with Kate herself.

Kate Moss National Portrait Gallery Photo
However, this is not surprising, giving how she’s not making any public statements. (if we’re to believe rumors, this “enigmatic” Kate wears Johnny Depp’s signature because it was him telling her to stop giving interviews so she’ll construct an aura around her. Too bad he didn’t told her to stay out of crack and booze too).

So? Who’d be in line for the main part in the film?

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#1 Arnoldo Valerio on 03.28.08 at 2:18 pm

You know what it is with Kate, she’s to famous has no rest in her life. Wanted to be adored by every and anyone, If I look to the Kate Moss of ten years ago doing together with my niece Karen Ferrari a series of ads for Calvin Klein, she has changed enormously. The cute little girl of then is now an hard and even (sorry) bitchy kind of person. Okay it was wellknown that even when she was 17 /18 years the first thing she did in the morning was taken a few glasses of champagne. At some days she was really drunk when she arrived at a photoshooting. If I would write a book about Kate it would be much harder and maybe even rude or cruel then madam Santucci did. I’m already prepared for a lawsuit if I will publish some facts about Mrs. Moss You’re right Johnny Depp forgot to tell her about the booze and drugs, but she probably wouldn’t even has listened to his advice. Kate Moss once my darling and now a bad mother and above all a bad roll model for younger girls.

#2 Adriana on 03.29.08 at 5:59 am

I wonder what this “biography” has to add to all we know about Kate Moss already through the stories in the media? The ever going on stories about Kate Moss? Therfore I’ve no interest in a biography about Kate at all.
I’ve heard another story why she [Kate] has kept her silence over the years. Speaking about rumors, there’s another one. The “enigmatic Kate” has not Johnny Depp’s signature but Sarah Doukas founder of Storm Model Management. The ruthless woman who doesn’t care about the education and mental heatlh of young girls but only cares how she can exploit them. She was the one who told Kate to create this “Garbo silence” after Kate and Johnny appeared in the “The Big Breakfast”, an early morning BBC programme. (See YouTube) Kate giggles a lot, Johnny, though he’s doing better now, was always uncomfortable at interviews in his younger years. So there’s the obviously uncomfortable Johnny, giggling Kate, looking a bit dumb and wears a T-shirt with the word “HELP” on it? Help? Who knew why she wore that T-shirt? So which rumor tells the truth? Johnny has cleaned up his act as we know. Kate has been in rehab and got involved with Jefferson Hack and Lyla Grace was born. She has never looked happier and healthier than back then. But it didn’t last long. None of these things and even none of her many famous friends like the mighty Philip Greene, Mario Sorrento, Vogue UK who gets on hailing her and writes still about her if she’s “holy”. You name them but they were not able to keep Kate away from partying and drugs and/or booze until now. So who’s to blame? Kate herself? The fashion industry? Johnny Depp? Pete Doherty? Her upbringing? I wouldn’t have let my 15 year old daughter ever going to be a model without finishing a proper education as an example.
And let us not forget how Carine Rothfield, very recently, goes on to glorify the bad girl attitude? And a new group of young girls is attached and moans “Oh, its so rock ‘n’ roll”……sighs…..
The icon of so many young women and girls hasn’t grow up until now. If she ever will or can grow up that must be hard for her. It’s harder to grow up when you’re already an adult.
I can’t blame Kate Moss for her life style Because this woman has never had a normal life. Will she ever?

#3 Adriana on 03.29.08 at 6:06 am

Oh dear, I got carried away I’m in need for an editor I believe! Sorry!

#4 kpriss on 03.29.08 at 6:25 am

There’s so much truth in your lines, Adriana, that I would never allow this comment to disappear or be chunked up! The rumors were (at least at that point) referring to the same event, the same bbc interview in which Kate had crossed an unmarked media line (both have) allowing the press and people to speculate freely about them and the manners they show in public. If it was Johnny’s hand or Kate’s manager, the La Moss attitude grows from there. In spite of that, her life has never been coherent or stable, just like she wouldn’t have any reference and is going rumbling from one thing to another, just because. Everyone knows that bright period in her life, when she had her daughter, was like an epiphany and she chose the best man ever to have had her with. Malheuresement, a child doesn’t grow up on herself and Kate seems to make the same mistakes that were made with her, being left astray so she’d end up on everyone’s influence but no one’s in particular.

She’s no role model, that’s for sure, nor were many of the people who’s biopics are sold in millions of copies worldwide every year. Many are inexact, many are commercially printed so they’ll serve a completely other purpose than history (even if it’s a superficial side of life, it’s still part of history), the idea is that the book will sell, it’s a sure thing. Controversial Kate is a gold mine for whoever dares to exploit it. The best in all that is that she doesn’t even care so much to raise her voice in her defense.

So, Valerio, who would file that lawsuit? her PR people? Do they really care anymore? She can’t clean up her acts well enough and they’ll hunt down those who speak the truth about Kate? That’ll be a shame.

#5 Arnoldo Valerio on 03.29.08 at 9:16 am

Kpriss the lawsuit will be probably filed by her lawyers, not of what I eventually write about her, the most facts are wellknown as Adriana already wrote. Good remark by the way about Sara Doukas. But it’s more the way I will write the facts or rumors down. That can be shocking, but in the coming time I wont publish a book about Kate Moss since I have some other projects which are more important then again a book about whatever model.

#6 Adriana on 03.30.08 at 2:23 pm

A correction is needed: I was inaccurate about the word “HELP” on Kate Moss’ T-shirt. She wore it because Johnny came to talk about “War Child”. So she wore it to support him (or/and the case though she’s not well known as a charity person). I have had only searched on YouTube what the name of that BBC programme was though didn’t view that interview again. I did once. But that’s a while ago and I remember I found Kate a dumb giggling teenage girl and very common looking.
Now I’ve viewed the whole clip again. I viewed last night an interview with Vanessa Paradis because I like her music and especially the last single and added that one to my favorites. What a difference these two women…….By the way I love Vanessa’s Chanel 5 clip as one of their best commercials.

Now I think it would have been wiser from people around her to have given her [Kate] the advice to see a counselor or follow classes for media training or something like that. Poor thing……when the question popped up “if the couple would get married” Johnny was clear he wouldn’t but I got the feeling Kate would have loved to marry Johnny more than anything else at the time…….

#7 kpriss on 04.01.08 at 9:11 am

Undoubtedly there were very young and that contributed to their incoherence (and I think the “Help” t-shirt was the only right message Kate was trying to send that morning and she still got it wrong!). As for Vanessa.. I always thought she was a fill-in for Kate, a better-Kate he chose for self preserving reasons. And what’s that last song? (I didn’t really followed her career, so I don’t know her last releases)

Valerio, if you have valuable information you’d like to share, don’t hold back, we, the girls, we’re always interested in back-stage issues, especially if they’re not large scale gossip subject ;)

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