Christy Turlington for Chanel 2008

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I always believed that if you want to play it safe, you’ll play it Chanel. It seems to me it’s not only my conviction.

Besides being the whole world’s, back at Chanel they seem to have a vice-versa version – if they want to play it safe, they play it old school tip top. Doubt it? Think Claudia Schiffer campaigning for this Summer Chanel Cruise Collection. Now you can add Christy Turlington to the sparkling list.

Christy Turlington for Chanel Christy Turlington for Chanel Ad Campaign

Karl the Kaiser Lagerfeld himself behind the lens, Christy featuring some heavy Chanel (“East West” Handbag Collection ranging from $1,675 to $3,575 in black and white, white and black, ivory and brown, ivory and burgundy).

Christy Turlington for Chanel 2008 Ad Campaign Christy Turlington for Chanel Summer 2008 Ad Campaign

Besides her Deutsch hairdo (wonder if that’s Karl’s merit also) that I find to harsher her beautiful face (looking more like Jessica Miss Muscles Biel), Christy looks every inch a breathtaking Chanel Girl. What do you think? (yes, let’s leave those gorgeous Chanel handbags aside!)
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#1 Adriana on 03.04.08 at 6:59 am

Apologises, at first to kpriss and the readers that it is me again……Agrees, Christy looks every inch the Chanel Girl of the moment (had a giggle because of “Jessica Miss Muscles Biel lol) and that’s not meant to be as positive coming from me. This Gretchen Look does not have any appeal to me at all. And it certainly does not suit Christy. It is about time Karl slows down a bit. This ads are great for old ladies magazines back in the 50’s or something?

#2 kpriss on 03.04.08 at 7:22 am

You know you’re always welcome here!
And does she not? (resembles J Biel?). I don’t know what Karl has in mind, for now I’m just keeping track of his unstoppable self. Maybe he’s preparing to step down and he wont breathe until…

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