Top 10 Colors for Fall 2008

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We’re not over spring-summer 2008 and yet I give you the colors for fall 2008. The selection is Pantone’s and representative for a majority of designer’s fall Collections.

Of course, our liberty of choice is not limited by this report, and if you do cherish black, no one will stop you from over flooding your wardrobe with it!

Top 10 colors for fall 2008
Nevertheless, I must have my say – stop wearing black! It’s so unimaginative!

Just look at these beautiful shades! The first one is called Blue Iris, on second comes Royal Lilac, on third is Shady Glade, fourth is Caribbean Sea, fifth is Twilight Blue, then Aurora Red, Ochre, Burnt Orange, Shitake, and Whitered Rose on last.

“Withered Rose is a very strong element that stands out on its own. It plays a dual role as a strong mineral hue and also has a touch of natural terrain.”

Besides being blue-ish, the 2008 fall season is colorful. I can’t wait to see that happening! What about you? Planning to stick with grey and brown?

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#1 Meg from The Bargain Queens & All About Appearances on 02.12.08 at 7:31 pm

I’m in love with those colors!

I also like black, but I generally do it in moderation. I like black jewelry with colorful clothes, or a black pencil skirt that I can wear with a white blouse and a bright yellow jacket.

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