Zimmermann Fall Winter 2009 2010

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The way ad campaigns are staged, what makes collections tick and tack always drew my curiosity. But you don’t need a Fashion Institute diploma to decipher this Zimmermann fall 2009 lookbook!

It’s all in the blogosphere, baby! That’s where the fashion power lies right now! Low budgets, friendly looks and worldwide appeal! Black see through tights appear to be in fashion, as well as the mini lengths. Overall 80s spiced up with a serious blogosphere flavor, I wish it goes stronger with every passing season! Do you think it looks attractive for the blog-untrained, unfamiliar eye? (via)

Zimmermann Fall 2009

Zimmermann lookbook Fall 2009

Zimmermann Fall Winter 2009 2010

Zimmermann lookbook Fall Winter 2009

Zimmermann lookbook FW 10


#1 Adriana on 07.22.09 at 7:55 am

Speaking about the 80’s influence, can anyone enlighten me what an “Axl” print is. I saw somewhere a photo of Sienna Miller wearing such a print as the article said? She looked nice.
All I know about any “Axl print” is the clothing Axl Rose stole from his sister.

I’ve know clue if it’s attractive for the blog untrained eye. I do not know many people who spend time on the internet than only if really necessary. I know some movie/music bloggers. Not really fashion lovers, not in my circle?

#2 Margareta Belle Jeanne on 02.06.10 at 4:34 am

whoops! I guess I was hoping to see a spread of my fave model Rachel Zimmerman. No such luck….

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