Teri Hatcher and Ashton Kutcher Promoting Baume et Mercier Watches

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Charity is a fashion nowadays. Baume et Mercier, the famous watches company, contracted two celebrities for the 2008 advertising campaign.

The copyrights from this campaign (both for Ashton Kutcher and Teri Hatcher but also for the photographers – Robert Erdmann and Jim Wright) are donated for charity (supporting anti-cancer fights, children education rights).

At least we don’t get to see how desperately thin Teri is in this picture. I for one feel the shivers whenever I get to see a picture of her oh-so-skinny-figure. Ashton looks as casual as ever making luxury seem almost normal. What do you think? Who’s better to represent Baume & Mercier? Teri or Ashton?
Baume & Mercier advertising campaign featuring Teri Hatcher
Baume & Mercier advertising campaign featuring Ashton Kutcher

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