Shoes of the Day – Nike Talk Trash

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Fashion is definitely into recycling! The Nike Trash Talk is the result of Nike and Steve Nash (from Phoenix Suns) collaboration.

The upper of this sport shoe is puzzled together using zig-zag stitching from leather and synthetic leather waste. The mid sole is made from scrap-ground foam, the outsoles includes Nike Grind material from footwear outsole manufacturing waste.

Nike Trash Talk

This recycled shoe will come up in three different colors with a price of $100 (footlocker) in a limited edition.

Nike Trash Talk Side View
To be honest, the little time I spend in this kind of shoes, it would be a true waste to run off and spend $100 just to feel ecological. It’s an admirable gesture, to start recycling the Nike factory waste, however, the “limited edition” thing ends it all in ruin. Ecology is not meant to be experimental. If you commit to it, you have to put everything into the battle. Or at least that’s just my point of view.

What do you think about Nike’s initiative to recycle waste materials? Would you encourage it and buy a pair yourself or it’s just for show, so they won’t be pointed out as not rallying the fashion recycling-forces?

(via nikereuseashoe)

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