Men’s Health is Six Woman Dependable

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It may not be the most obvious style issue, but I found it and will discuss it with you because it’s a way to conduct ones life, thus, a style. And an obsessively wrong one.
I’m not a convinced feminist, not swimming contre le courant either but I had my times of men magazines over the years. “Over” the years meaning that that time of my life reached a blissful ending before my eyes would ever be damaged by an article like this one.

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Men’s Health
(ironically) proposes a way to meet the perfect woman to all those interested men out there. And in their perfect gal crusade, they’ve started showing all those brave men army just dying for their Snow-White, the 6 existing camps: The Urban Sophisticate, The Arty Hipster, The Vegan Yoga Gal, The Intimacy Junkie, The Happy Homemaker.

These are the 6 types of women a man has to meet in order to select his princess. Now let me explain you why I’m so convinced that it’s all going upside down.

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The Happy Homemaker is a modest family girl that goes from saying something and mean it ( that she’s not going to work) to an accommodating and eager woman becoming a frigid with every offspring.

The Intimacy Junkie is a self-connected sex machine who makes you feel great at first but then she’ll get you talking about the “meaning” of the relationship (that would be her weakness) but in the bedroom she’ll do anything.

The Alpha Female is a career robot, over booked but efficient and skilled in the bedroom.

The Vegan Yoga Gal is a beautifully skin-neck person who gives long back rubs with wacky oils looking for an identical twin who shares her interests completely, slow and soulfoul in bedroom.

The Arty Hipster is exciting and stylish, culture carrying, opinioned but dirty (as a good news!) with a dirty bed (that being the bad news!)

The Urban Sophisticate is funny, hot and spontaneous but will drain a man’s confidence right away so they don’t get to know her uninhibited bedroom self.

Damn! Is there anything wrong with whoever wrote these lines, or do men actually file this kind of article under pearls of wisdom sealing?

Not only women categorize under hip code names empty of actual meaning that make you wonder why men pretend to not understand women but in fact they’ve gone so deep into wanting to understand them that they’ve created virtual women instead of real ones. (urban sophisticate is kinda repetitive in terms, the arty hipster is really so trendy that easily managed to escape my inspiration for a moment.. anyway, the vegan yoga gal it must be a derived from the vegan articles wave going on over the internet; maybe it’s a definition formed by the keywords from a gossip page, the intimacy junkie – that’s a fast food affiliate or what? Oh, I know – a girl who eats fast food at her place! The happy homemaker is the only title a man would ever understand from all that gibberish, thus, the one he’ll want to find).


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