Angelina, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner Sunglasses Addiction

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It seems that everybody loves Michael Kors. From Angelina Jolie to Jessica Alba, not to forget Jeniffer Garner (or Eva Longoria in some occasions), the Michael Kors MKS526 sunglasses are a smashing hit.

Although they’re made from irrelevant plastic, the mks536 Michael Kors sunglasses carry a crocodile print temple on the sides. Not to striking but classy, they make a good choice for our conservative ladies back at Hollyshadeswood.

Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner Michael Kors mks526
Michael Kors mks526

One of these days I’ll get enlisted for the mks526 adorers (the so coveted sunglasses cost around $230).

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