The Latest From Chanel – Chanel Creme Gloss Lumiere

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Chanel keeps on perseverating the ‘brush’ makeup. Now the maison introduces the latest lipstick called Crème Gloss Lumiere (for app 32$).

This last lipstick from Chanel is a hybrid lipstick: it’s a gel based lipcolor in a stylo that applies like gloss. The formula is highly hydrating and has a non sticky, creamy texture.

Chanel Creme Gloss LumiereCreme Gloss Lumiere Chanel
Chanel Creme Gloss Lumiere Shades
The macadamia nut oil lipstick comes in six colours named after french desserts (what could be more deliciously fancy than that?): Crème Brulee, Crème Caramel, Petit Four, Pink Truffle, Plum Souffle, Madeleine.

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