Straight Hair to Die for?

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We’re facing a rare urge in cutting our hair short (as seen in our earlier post), adopting heavy bangs or just leaving it straight and shiny in a rock attitude. As we all know, winter and all that moisture in the air ain’t a bliss for straight locks. Every morning flat iron routine.

And then, the good news : it’s called the Brazilian method, “escova progressiva” in Brazil, and it is the latest trend in hair straightening. The Japanese method that was so trendy a few years back, is fading, now the Brazilian way is the way to go. We are promised glossy, sleek and voluminous locks – for about six weeks (the process costs $150- $600 in salons). Before you jump for joy, here’s the backstage: “formaldehyde.” Formaldehyde is known to cause cancer, and the amount used to straighten hair with the Brazilian Method is more than ten times the amount deemed safe by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel.

If you choose to do this at home, these chemicals can prove to be particularly harmful. It is stated that a 33- year old woman in Brazil actually died from this process. “What we thought possibly happened was that after doing the treatment, she was in the bathroom taking a shower and the heat caused a heart attack. She died in the shower.” declared the officials of the National Health Surveillance Agency

Ashlee Simpson Straight Hair Kate Moss Straight Hair Bangs

Nicole Kidman Straight Hair Katherine McPhee Straight Hair

Are we literally dying to look straight-haired like that? Or we’ll just wait for the right method to come along?

(and we’re not suggesting that flat irons with 220 degrees temperature would be so much better!)

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