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Marc Jacobs Favorite Gadgets
So here goes another story about Marc Jacobs and what he loves. Because we love him so we want to know everything about him! (if... Read More

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Jessica Stam Vs. Mobile Phones
We’ve seen models migrating from the catwalk to the big / small screen. We even have Rosie Huntington – Whiteley getting ready to take over... Read More

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What Decimates Bees?
All fashion issues and Red Carpet buzz aside, I’m guessing you might have heard about the Bees Issue. It has become a very sensitive matter... Read More

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Wood Is Good. Amazing Music Installation
I’d like you to take a few moments off of your time and press play on the below embedded video. It’s incredible what the three... Read More

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The Model, The Fur Coat And The Mobile Phone
What we have here, daaahlings, is a typical display that could easily make the headlines of any men magazine, anywhere in the world. A gorgeous... Read More

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Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S
While everyone and their respective dogs is wearing i-anything, Giorgio Armani teamed up with Samsung for yet another smart phone that “speaks for you”. And... Read More

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Le Geek C’est Chic, Wedding Edition
There’s been quite a while since I haven’t struck you with a charming piece of Geek Chic! Well today is the day you’ll be submerged... Read More

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Samsung Galaxy S Femme And Aveda
Remember we talked about a scented mobile phone a while back? Now let’s check out the latest on the mobile market for women: Samsung Galaxy... Read More

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