Jessica Stam Vs. Mobile Phones

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We’ve seen models migrating from the catwalk to the big / small screen. We even have Rosie Huntington – Whiteley getting ready to take over the world in the new Transformers (Dark of the Moon). We even have lovely redheaded Lily Cole brilliantly studying at Cambridge University.

But did you know that Jessica Stam was writing? Not the novel – writing kind (though who knows? Maybe one day? “catwalk memoirs” by Jessica Stam sounds good, eh?). I recently found a column written by Jessica Stam, model, and talking about mobile phones and their impact on socializing and togetherness. Below some fragments (you can find the article here). What about it? (photo via)

In today’s world of new media, there is never a shortage of information. In fact, at times I feel that many people, including myself, are overwhelmed with amount and frequency of information that comes pouring into our lives on a daily basis.

It’s easy to look and sound important when you have an information stream in the palm of your hand or at your ear — but the people who continue to impress me are the ones who can justify their intelligence through genuine storytelling and through provoking conversation.

Jessica Stam dj ing

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