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Karl Lagerfeld’s Coca Cola Ads Starring Coco Rocha, Baptiste Giabiconi
We were already used to seeing Baptiste Giabiconi’s de-personalized self impersonating Karl Lagerfeld. Were we ready to see Coco Rocha as Karl Lagerfeld? Because Karl... Read More

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Lagerfeld’s Designer Double Take From Harper’s Bazaar March 2010
Harper’s Bazaar grand March 2010 issue brings something unexpected from Karl Lagerfeld. Though I should get used to the Kaiser’s love for self irony, I... Read More

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The Mode Of Almodóvar In Harper’s Bazaar March 2010
Pedro Almodóvar officially reached an iconic standard so high (by Hollywood value charts) that he’s honored with a Harper’s Bazaar pictorial! And not just any!... Read More

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Lagerfeld’s Tweed Motorcycle Helmets
As I was going contre-courant with less adoration for Sponge Bob, I now turn to you with yet another motorcycle helmet that stands out: the... Read More

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Lagerfeld And Women
Karl Lagerfeld preaching his unmatched wisdom to the fashpeople! Behold: “I think the women are better than the men. I think if I were a... Read More

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Lagerfeld’s Ring Bed, Masanori Umeda’s Tawaraya
Once a brilliant design idea from Memphis, now a pop-museum-worthy piece, the Tawaraya boxing ring bed is currently exhibited in Paris (in Azzedine Alaia’s gallery,... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld In Paris
We’re just spectators to Karl’s world. Simply observing and occasionally having our hair raised up, up in the sky by the endless wisdom of any... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld Thinks Mothers Are Fat, Eating Chips, Watching TV
It is of no little knowing that Karl Lagerfeld nor he likes children or wishes any. It is also of very notorious acknowledgement that Karl... Read More

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