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Vintage Deco Gucci Sixties Limoges Lamps
Get your deco fix with vintage Gucci lamps! Perfectly China, perfectly delicate, this lamps duo can surely match any interior. A condition qu’il soit stylish!... Read More

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Animal Print Still In For 2009 Dixit Kate Moss!
Kate Moss is faithful to her trademark black, her bra-less look and her (almost) opaque tights. Oh, and her black shades! And black Gucci belt!... Read More

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People’s Choice Awarded Kate Hudson, Favorite Leading Lady
Yesterday we talked about Bride Wars and Kate Hudson, today I’m pleased to announce that Kate Hudson received the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Leading... Read More

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The New Casual By Jessica Simpson
We all have our fashion-low days. Days when things mostly mix but don’t really match, when nothing else-fashion matters. Jessica Simpson (yes, one of the... Read More

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Rihanna’s White Tatoo Heart Campaign For Gucci And Unicef
There’s something strange about Rihanna and her ambassadorship for Unicef via Gucci… It’s like seeing a mother breastfeeding while wearing a studded leather combo… But... Read More

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Do You Like Rihanna’s Gucci Babouska Bag?
Fashion rumor has it that the Gucci Fall Winter 2008 2009 Handbags are the new IT bags of the cold season 2008. Even if every-fashion-... Read More

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Claire Danes Advertises For Gucci Fine Jewelry
What do you get when you mix fake sun tan, abundant photoshop and Claire Danes? An advertising campaign! Add some Gucci Fine Jewelry to the... Read More

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$37,500 Gucci Yellow Crocodile Hysteria Bag
Why not? Crocodiles are hard to catch, everybody knows that! Fetching one, removing all the skin, nasty job! Someone has to pay a fair price,... Read More

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