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Summer Office Wardrobe Must!
This is one special piece of how-to I came across today. A guide to the Summer Office Wardrobe from Michael Kors! So you won’t have... Read More

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Ten Rules For A Lady
Talking about inspiration and Tumblr? Here’s another example that we should take into consideration for the new week that’s about to start! The ten rules... Read More

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No Talk Like The Fashion Talk
You may be familiar with the rules of fashion talk. And even if you’re not, you will still enjoy this as it decrypts one of... Read More

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How To Get Photographed By Street Style Photographers
A while back, a simple, extremely useful and pretty funny how-to was proposed to the fashpopulation by the ever – so – lovely Garance Dore.... Read More

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Style Must: Cut The Care Labels Off A Transparent Garment!
Catching up after the V Day weekend, the Red Carpet madness that ensued, now it’s finally time to get my Fashion Week fix. Cause you... Read More

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Perfect Holidays Hairdo: The Messy, Twisted Bun
The messy bun, you know it already. The messy twisted bun? Well, think Camilla Belle and scroll down to see her proudly showing off her... Read More

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How To Patch Your Moth Eaten Sweaters
What season are we in right now? Yeah, I know, the Holiday season! That too, but what else? Here, I’ll tell you: it’s cashmere season!... Read More

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How To Do A Bat Headband. Halloween DIY
More we’re getting closer to Halloween, I feel that weird inner emotion (more specifically it’s like a ball of fur in my upper stomach) I... Read More

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