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LG, Ewan McGregor And The $16,000 TV!
I was watching out for Ewan McGregor news because I heard about a certain sequel project being considered, a sequel to one of my favorite... Read More

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Cara Delevingne And Tom Hiddleston Couple Up In Vogue
Being such a cinematic issue, it’s not that surprising to see Cara Delevingne and Tom Hiddleston play a couple for Peter Lindbergh’s lenses in the... Read More

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The Great Gatsby (Leonardo Di Caprio) In Esquire, May 2013
Naturally, after talking about Daisy Buchanan who’s totally taking over Carey Mulligan in her Vogue pictorial, bringing the Great Gatsby in the scene doesn’t look... Read More

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Idris Elba In Bond-Like Movies For Toyota Avalon
I know we were all secretly dreaming of the next James Bond as Idris Elba. Ahem… Idris Elba as the next James Bond (wink) but... Read More

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April Hair: Bradley Cooper Gets A Perm, Starring With Jennifer Lawrence Again
You might have noticed that hair news are big this month – it started with the Easter weekend and going strong ever since. The latest... Read More

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Rolling Stone And Mad Men Don Draper Cover
We live in interesting times, my dahlings! When the shows become reality. A world where entertainment is both King and Queen of the Prom (Andrej... Read More

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Justin Timberlake Style Evolution: Suit&Tie Collection With Tom Ford
Making music part of a weekend-inspiration day is as natural as breathing, so please join me in discussing the latest style becomings of young Mr... Read More

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Revolutionary Beauty Advertising: Red Lipstick For Men
G-Dragon, my dahlings, is a 24yo Korean model, singer&more. From 2009 until now, he kept on providing music to his evermore growing cohort of fans.... Read More

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