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Power By Fifty Cent, The Fragrance
I may be behind on my hip culture, but I haven’t heard nothing music-wise from 50 lately… Instead, there goes something fashion & beauty –... Read More

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Classique And Le Mâle Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume Ads
Longing is the new love. Jean Paul Gaultier’s iconic perfumes Classique for women and Le Mâle for men look and feel ten times better than... Read More

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Milla Jovovich Ads For Donna Karan DK Cashmere Resort 2009
In the sacred tradition of airbrushing, here goes the ever-charming Milla Jovovich being the beautiful spokesface of the DK Cashmere Resort 2009 Ad Campaign! If... Read More

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Flower By Kenzo New Year’s And The Russian Matryoshka Doll
If you count out Photoshop, Russian Magazines do a pretty good fashion job. And if you think of Russian Haute Couture Inspiration, you’d say that... Read More

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Kate Moss YSL Parisienne Commercial
Kate Moss doing what he knows best in a crescendo – Depeche Mode mix courtesy Yves Saint Laurent for their latest fragrance commercial: Parisienne YSL.... Read More

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Uma Thurman’s Givenchy Ange Ou Démon Le Secret Fragrance Ad
It’s not exactly how I imagined Uma Thurman’s next role, but commercials are a fashion chez Hollywood so bring it on: Givenchy Ange ou Démon... Read More

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Mariah Carey’s Forever Perfume Ad
If you see this ad and you haven’t seen Final Fantasy, The Spirits Within, the movie, then you won’t see the striking resemblance. But you... Read More

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Kenzo Unidentified Fragrance Object By Ron Arad
Highly esteemed designer Ron Arad worked on a special project with Kenzo. The newest fragrance for women from Kenzo is called Unidentified Fragrance Object and... Read More

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