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Dare To Wear Lace Up Bike Shorts?
If Lindsay Lohan was truly the fashion visionary she pretends to be, this new shiny leggings-thing would have had the 6126 label all over it!... Read More

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Dare To Wear Chanel Sunglasses With Whiskers?
Karl Lagerfeld’s designer qualification is beyond any doubt but not beyond any discussion! Take for instance this new shades model featured in a new photo... Read More

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Dare To Wear Tights With Printed Veins On?
I found some very funny printed tights the other day and I was wondering if they’re still considered interesting for this upcoming fall. Because, as... Read More

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Get The Trendiest Sweater For Fall!
Since we’re talking about fall collections, I thought I’d give you may take on the matter. The fashionable matter! Irina Shaposhnikova is what I would... Read More

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Acne Fall Winter 2009 Collection
I guess everyone heard about the fascination around Acne and their unbelievably fashionable collections. I’m not one easily fooled by trends, so I question Acne’s... Read More

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Piers Atkinson’s Barbie Hats Collection FW 09
It’s the year of the Barbie! If the Kaiser has a mini-me Ken doll besides dressing up the Barbie, we absolutely have to check our... Read More

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Dare To Wear Jung Ee Eun Jewelry?
I have received an email asking me if I could take a look at an original necklace designed by Jung Ee Eun. It’s about a... Read More

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Dare To Wear ZLDA Jewelry?
Our friend, Ellington, brought something really interesting to my attention not long ago: ZLDA Landscape Rings! I was so surprised and intrigued by the design,... Read More

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