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Kristen Stewart’s Leg Slit In Sequined J Mendel Dress For Breaking Dawn Premiere

Talking about Angelina Jolie reminded me of something Kristen Stewart worn for the world premiere of Twilight’s Breaking Dawn Part 1. Remember those dramatic leg slit dresses Angelina was wearing over and over on the Red Carpet?

Well, Kristen was all dramatically glamorous in a sequined blue and black dress from J. Mendel Spring Summer 2012. The dress, with a serious leg slit, complimented Kristen’s skin tone and blue eyes. Her black manicure and pedicure helped in completing the look, finished with sky high black platforms and heavy smokey eyes. Looking all grown up, eh, Kristen? (click here for the gallery; made possible with images from 1, 2)

Kristen Stewart sequined leg slit J Mendel dress Breaking Dawn premiere

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Madonna’s Vionnet Red Butterflies Dress Venice W.E. Premiere Red Carpet

Today started out like one of those normal days I just go on scrolling endlessly for amazing news to share with you my lovelies! Instead, I discovered that the Venice Film Festival was already on a roll and the Red Carpet looks deserve our most fashionable attention! Let’s get to it!

My first choice for this Venice film festival Red Carpet is the always fascinating Madonna. She was pretty festive for the premiere of her movie W.E. and covered herself up in a soft blue – gray Vionnet dress with a storm of red butterflies on. I can only go as far as to describe it as looking “good”. And that’s about it. It’s hard for me to associate butterflies and Madonna – although she’s been in a perpetual state of chrysalis all her life, I always found her to be a particularly strong woman, thus nothing resembling a fragile butterfly. Could this be a hint that she’s transforming again? (will you watch her movie? I heard it’s far from good) (photos via 1, 2)

Madonna red butterflies Venice premiere dress

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Zooey Deschanel’s Sparkling Oscar De La Renta Dress For BAFTA Brits to Watch

You cannot be a self proclaimed fan of romcoms and silly funny movies without being a fan of Zooey Deschanel. She is the queen of adorable quirky, indie romcoms! Plus she’s lovely and sweet and has amazingly blue big eyes and such a bright, warm smile!

Although I’m a Red Carpet avid watcher, I had no idea there was this big event called BAFTA Brits to Watch dinner and that all the big names of American and British movie people will attend to it! (by the way, has anyone any details regarding this dinner?) Zooey Deschanel attended the above mentioned dinner wearing an amazing dress signed by Oscar de la Renta, part of the fall winter 2011 2012 collection. (don’t miss the rest of the images right after the jump, click here for the gallery!)

Zooey Deschanel sparkling Oscar de la Renta dress BAFTA Brits to watch

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Transformers Girls: Megan Fox White Pants Vs. Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s White Mini Dresses

Just one little Transformers thing before I let go today! If you thought I was joking about Michael Bay’s obsession with girls dressed in white during the heavy action scenes from his Transformers movies, take a look below!

There’s no need to be a Transformers fanatic or a Transformers fan to know that the Transformers brunette sensation Megan Fox was replaced by Victoria’s Secret Angel Rosie Huntington – Whiteley (trivia – you will notice, during the movie, that Sam calls Carly “Angel”).

Besides being blond and British, Rosie’s character has to fall under the cliché knife in order to fit in the Trasformers franchise. And while Megan Fox was breathtaking in short jeans gravitating around motorcycles, Rosie wears stubbornly short dresses, all white if possible (with a single noticeable blue sequined exception) and felinely walks in and out or around classy, luxurious, rare cars.

Megan Fox vs Rosie Huntington Whiteley

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Marilyn Monroe’s Subway Dress Makes Auction History

You know we were wondering why the fashion people keep on reediting Marilyn Monroe with (almost) every model out there? And we said they should stop doing that?

It would appear that not only fashion repeats itself but that’s something people should learn to do also: look what one dress worn by Marilyn can do to the world! Marilyn Monroe’s iconic subway dress from the movie The Seven Year Itch (1955) was auctioned off for $4,6 Million ($5,52 Million with taxes and fees)! Can you believe that? It was part of actress’ Debbie Reynolds (Singin’ in the Rain) private collection and now had to be auctioned off due to Debbie filing for bankruptcy.

In comparison, Audrey Hepburn’s Ascot dress from Breakfast at Tiffany only rose up to $923,187. Also – I always thought the dress was white or blue-ish only to discover to my greatest surprise that it was in fact ivory! (via 1, 2)

Marilyn Monroe s Subway dress auction

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Mulberry’s Bow Dress As Worn By Fearne Cotton

Not long ago, I asked you how you felt about a particular wedding dress with a ton of fabric roses on the skirt of the dress. I reminded me of a gigantic cotton candy. Which is not bad, since I adore cotton candy (and who doesn’t?). But would you want to look like a gigantic cotton candy on your wedding day?

Looking back now, I’m seeing things in a completely different perspective since I just came across the Bow Dress! Roses dress – bow dress… Bow dress – roses dress. The only thing saving the Bow Dress (besides being made by the Mulberry maison) is the color! The bow dress as worn by Fearne Cotton below: (details right after the jump!)

Fearne Cotton Navy blue bow dress Mulberry

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Anna Wintour’s Sequined Chanel Dress For Met Gala 2011

The day has passed and I forgot one of the most important guests at the Met Gala 2011 (or any other Met Gala): Anna Wintour. The legendary Vogue editor in chief was wearing a Chanel Haute Couture creation from the Spring 2011 collection.

At first I was a bit distracted by the unusual (almost slouchy) fit of the sequined dress, but then again, it’s Anna Wintour and she was supposed to wear Chanel! so what if it’s a Ball to honor the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Alexander McQueen Savage beauty exhibition? Anna can wear whatever she wants!

(pictured right after the jump there’s her daughter, Bee Shaffer, who’s looking gorgeous in a burgundy Balenciaga dress – and just below, in the background, you can catch a glimpse of Andre Leon Talley’s cobalt blue attire. Probably chosen in accord with Anna’s dress?) (photos via 1, 2)

Anna Wintour sequined Chanel dress Met Gala 2011

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Sarah Jessica Parker In Sparkling McQueen Dress For Met Gala 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker was one of the Red Carpet appearances who gave me hope that for the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute 2011 Gala she would bring a touch of dash and fabulous so that we will all remember the sartorial grace and genius that was Alexander McQueen.

She did not disappoint, but she went for a safe bet, however: a figure hugging grey – ish dress with crystals allover from the Fall Winter 2005 Alexander McQueen collection. It’s the second dress from the collection so far, in my favorites top of the Met Ball 2011 Red Carpet (the first one is Gisele Bundchen’s red dress). I’m especially fond of the hairdo – I think it’s the best match for the dress! (she ditched the coat but kept the blue shoes though) (photos 1, 2)

Sarah Jessica parker McQueen sparkling dress Met Gala 2011

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