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Celebrities Short on Party Dresses Part 3

Same celebrities, same dresses. It must have been a day when stylists were on strike. Not that we hadn’t had our days of grey inspiration, but this is just too obvious.

You’re a star, you watch your back. And if you don’t have a great stylist, at least take five minutes to check out the Internet info about a certain outfit (and the age of the first person who wore it).Anyway, here they come (again):

Reese Witherspoon and Anne Hathaway
Reese Witherspoon and Anne Hathaway both fell for this Simply Vera Vang coat.
Jessica Alba Mary J Blige
Alexander McQueen should start a made by measure business, just like Tom Ford did so doubles like Jessica Alba and Mary J. Blige would be impossible.
Amanda Bynes Kelly Preston
Alice and Olivia don’t impose a certain age for their dresses. Amanda Bynes and Kelly Preston are living proof.
Riyo Mori Oprah
Well.. Oprah in Gucci.. Riyo Mori in Gucci… No more comments (who knows, the day she’ll invite me in for her show, she’ll ask why I was so bitter about this Gucci innocent number).
Kelly Clarkson Kate Walsh
A brunette Kelly Clarkson and a red headed Kate Walsh in green Monique Lhuiller.
Celine Dion Ellen Pompeo
I bet choosing the outfits was one of the reasons Celine Dion just wrapped up her singing career (here she is facing Ellen Pompeo with the same Lanvin dress).


Celebrities Short on Party Dresses Part Two

If you thought that our first post stating that Celebrities Are Short on Party Dresses was a mistake, here we are to prove you wrong! And say, once again, that inspiration is one rare thing on the red carpet. And since it’s so rare, once spotted, everybody wants a piece of it. If possible, the SAME piece :

carmen electra paris hilton
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Celebrities Short on Party Dresses

Now, now, we are not mean or anything, but we’re trying our best to look just at least as some super hot celebrities on the red carpet. So what are we supposed to do when this happens :

jessica simpson

At a recent event, Jessica Simpson and Deborah Norville (the newscaster) both wore the same outfit – a wild print dress from Michael Kors (at app 1600$).

hayden panettiere jane seymour

Two separates occasions (also in time and space) – Hayden Panettiere at an event in september and Jane Seymour at a premiere – same dress signed by Dina Bar-El (at app 500$).

mandy moore halle berry

Two premieres – Mandy Moore at Dedication and Halle Berry at What We Lost in the Fire – same Dolce & Gabbana dress.

mischa barton jennifer lopez

The same Temperley London ‘Mini Pegasus’ Dress (at app. 2500$) both in Mischa Barton and Jennifer Lopez.

As we said before, we’re not pointing only the obvious fact that some celebrities stylists are either practically joking at their very famous and rich clients expense, either there’s a new wave hitting the famous : women who want to dress like young girls and young girls who want to look older.

You be the judge of it – casualty or elder/younger wannabes?


10 Affordable Sequined Party Dresses For Special Occasions

Need valuable party dress counseling for the season? Here you’ll find a bunch of ideas with respect for classic taste and reasonable budget just in time to help you decide upon a lovely party dress! Today we’ll review the sequined options!

Because – you know what they say – diamonds are a girl’s best friend! And if you can’t have diamonds, always take glitter instead! Glittery sequined dresses for your consideration today, 10 gorgeous gowns, all under $100! Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Let’s roll them options!

10 affordable sequined party dresses

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How 26 Fashion People Celebrated Memorial Day

The last week of the last month of May from 2014. Days we live and never get to relive again – if we had that in mind, how would we choose to live today? Everyday? Memorial Day or any other day? Here’s 26 fashion people’s instagram updates from May 26th, the last Monday of May 2014! (Happy Memorial Day!)

1.Gisele Bundchen covers Vogue Brasil June 2014 with Neymar

Photographed by Mario Testino, Gisele and Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, two of Brazil’s most appreciated celebrities try to bring attention to the 2014 FIFA World Cup to take place in Brazil from June 12th to July 13th. If the soccer fans energy could be transformed into electric energy, I think the lightbulbs of the world would never go off! So that’s quite a powerful way to kick start the new week!

Gisele Bundchen Neymar Vogue Brazil June 2014 cover

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2014 Met Gala Fashion: 20 Red Carpet Mistakes

What’s the point of attending a Ball if you choose to ignore the dress code? Where’s the point in attending Fashion’s most notable Red Carpet if you’re not wearing the right costume?

These are the questions that continuously popped into my mind when I was going through the visual reports from this year’s Costume Institute Gala (past years I had the same dilemma, except this time I’m voicing it firmly). So from the multitude of people who felt it was unnecessary to wear a costume to honor the Met’s Costume Institute exhibition’s theme, I narrowed down to a handful of celebrities I categorized as following:

2014 Met Gala fashion wrongs Rosie Hungtinton Whiteley Balmain Rousteing

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Stars Wearing Same Grey Dress: Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson

We’re all unique, but isn’t there’s something really awkward about meeting someone who’s wearing the exact same thing you do? I somewhat do… and I can only imagine a fraction of that awkwardness when famous people are involved! The pressure of being famous and unique must weigh down on stylists’ shoulders!

But I wouldn’t thought that could happen to Kimmy – her being styled by Kanye West and all.. There she goes, wearing the exact same gown as Jennifer Hudson, although the dresses look sensitively different! While I’m certain that Jennifer has a stylist to advise her, I wonder what happened to Kim Kardashian who was under Kanye’s protective yet weird fashion wing. Oh, wait, I think I know – earlier, when I mentioned the Nike Yeezy 2, I remember reading that Kanye is busy rehearsing for his next tour. So maybe Kimmy was forced to use someone else’s style vision?

The dress itself is utterly feminine and classic at the same time and I prefer Jennifer over Kim if I were to choose just one look. But as I’ve said before, Kim and her newly enhanced curves have a legion of faithful admirers and although I keep wondering if other clothing options weren’t available to keep things more wrapped, I understand some watchers’ desire to admire.

stars wearing the same dress Kim Kardashian Jennifer Hudson

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