Model Photoshop Malfunction? Slimming Black Dress?

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We’re so close to the Fashion Week craze that it will be practically impossible to ignore the weight talk, anorexia warning signs and… well, generally what surrounds the good model crowd when it comes down to the catwalk.

As my eyes are barely adjusting to better digest the runway sizes, I came across this picture of a model trying to sell us a certain black dress. Now, before we get all excited and start pointing the finger at whoever may be to blame in the industry, in the world, let’s all take a deep breath and try to figure out what’s really going on here:

It’s a black dress. It’s a black dress with short, puffed up sleeves. It’s a black dress with short, puffed up sleeves and knee length pencil skirt with high waist band. These are heavily contributing factors to the visual slimming of the model (which may or may not have been photoshop – enhanced). Which is, rather dramatic, wouldn’t you say? (as it may be removed from the retailer’s inventory or simply from its online static location, all you need to do is go here and look for ASOS Midi Dress with Pussybow in black)

skinny model wearing slimming black dress

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