Scarlett Johansson Singing Bonnie & Clyde For Moet

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Do you remember Scarlett Johansson being involved in a particularly advertorial moment from Moet and Chandon? Of course you do, the silly photography and the careless involvement of the blonde (sometimes redhead) sensation get stuck on the retina.

Mostly because I keep looking at those images and feel deranged by the loneliness and the building – like – medical – retreat – facility. I keep wondering what could’ve pushed Scarlett to act silly and joyful, to drink Moet & Chandon all alone and laugh all by herself… I’m taking this too far for a sparkling wine ad, am I not? (you’ll be hearing Scarlett singing Bonnie and Clyde with Lulu Gainsbourg, just like papa Serge Gainsbourg sung with Brigitte Bardot a while back – listen to the original here)

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#1 ajginger on 09.08.11 at 7:11 am

What a silly ad-campaign. Scartlett looks foolish and tries to much to imitate BB. She can do better than that. I love Serge and Brigitte’s version so much better! Why is nothing sacred anymore :((

Kpriss, couldn’t you find the original video or is it because they smoke? I believe they both smoke in that video? I hope not. It were different times back then right?

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