Victoria Beckham’s Third Trimester Baby Bump

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Although news about Victoria Beckham giving birth on the 4th of July (via C-section) were allover the place avant the very date, Victoria did not confirmed them. More so, she came out with a public dismissal of the said rumors saying that she did not gave birth on the 4th and when asked if she wouldn’t want to share photos of her baby bump, she said that those are for her husband’s eyes only.

Now I posted the below image because it just came out and you know I can’t miss a good pregnant talk when I see one! Also – one day it’s white, the next it’s black, that’s how consistent and coherent the celebrities can be and this is just a minor example. (this image has been allegedly posted by David Beckham on his Facebook page. Good for him he wants to share what his wife wanted to keep for his eyes only! He puts Testino to shame, really! Saying he took the picture when Victoria wasn’t looking? Oh, coooome on?!) (Beckham Fb via)

Victoria Beckham third trimester baby bump

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#1 Ellington on 07.08.11 at 7:48 am

For some reason to me she does not look pregnant but rather she looks like she indulged in a good meal. ; )

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