Mulberry’s Bow Dress As Worn By Fearne Cotton

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Not long ago, I asked you how you felt about a particular wedding dress with a ton of fabric roses on the skirt of the dress. I reminded me of a gigantic cotton candy. Which is not bad, since I adore cotton candy (and who doesn’t?). But would you want to look like a gigantic cotton candy on your wedding day?

Looking back now, I’m seeing things in a completely different perspective since I just came across the Bow Dress! Roses dress – bow dress… Bow dress – roses dress. The only thing saving the Bow Dress (besides being made by the Mulberry maison) is the color! The bow dress as worn by Fearne Cotton below: (details right after the jump!)

Fearne Cotton Navy blue bow dress Mulberry

The silk bows are handmade in five sizes and assembled gradually on the dress body, from top to bottom. Imagine when they were sewn on, how many hands were needed just to keep the bows in place! Also if you’re planning to wear the $6,266 (4,400 Euros) dress, you need assistance to put it on and zip it. The dress itself weights under 14,3lbs (6,5kg) and although it looks adorable and it’s outstandingly crafted, I really couldn’t see myself wearing all those bows. (or roses for that matter – if I saw the roses dress like a gigantic cotton candy thing, I see the bow dress as a gigantic gift wrap, luckily it isn’t red!) (Mulberry; you can buy the dress here)

Navy blue bow dress Mulberry

Navy blue bow dress Mulberry detail

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#1 Ellington on 05.21.11 at 1:07 pm

In black it is rather stellar and I like it but in any other colour I think it would be rather clownish looking.

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