Kate Winslet’s Lancome Ad Campaign

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Though I’ve said it before, there it goes, baby, one more time: I loooove Lancome. (fact is, I think it goes way beyond the personal preference of one individual for this brand or the other – it’s about what your skin can tolerate and what kind of product you need. If the brand you like also happens to be one of the best for the options you need, there you go, no need for scientific breakdown of one’s love for a certain label)

Kate Winslet representing for Lancome’s new lipstick ad campaign Lancome L’absolu Nu is pretty much under my liking radar. Yes, despite of my having an assiduous love affair with Lancome (mascara, true, I’m not a lipstick girl). Will it catch? Undoubtedly. Will it sell? Most certainly. How about you – will you buy it? (via)

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