Yves Saint Laurent L’Amour Fou

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The fashfilm is far from being something new. However, the fashfilm is most interesting and captivating in this new Big Brother-ish era where everything and anything must be shown from all angles, all perspectives, especially the backstage ones.

Yves Saint Laurent L’Amour Fou (the mad love) talks about Yves Saint Laurent and his relationship with Pierre Berge (with a side focus on the legendary auction of YSL and Berge’s exquisite art collection). The documentary is signed by Pierre Thoretton and will be officially released next year. By the looks of the teaser it’s a very interesting documentary. Would you say that this is a rather disrespectful film? Or that it honors the memory of Yves Saint Laurent? (via)


#1 Agingerella on 11.27.10 at 10:59 am

I’ve ordered this dvd yet. It’s available in February when winter is probably at his height but Spring is insight. I long yet for Spring since winter has yet started so early and it’s bitter cold and wet.

I’ve the feeling this documentary should have been named Berge Le Fou. As I’ve heard it’s more about him and their art collection and such. Not Yves’s career, his fashion art, his muses, not even Catherine Deneuve, his loyal friend until the end, are the most important things in this documentary. Yves’ depressions, his drug addictions and wild night life, the overly sensitive Yves Saint Laurent Le Grande (despite his flaws) are not mentioned in this documentary. But that was Yves Saint Laurent whom I admired so deeply. And still do.
I don’t remember the name of another documentary I seen and would love to watch again and again…..:) Berge Le Fou who once said that “Yves is born with a nervous breakdown”……words fail me how to describe how that feels to me…..
But it’s about Yves and his art, his gardens and his art. These gardens where I wish I was right now in warm Marrakech walking under an umbrella, an elegant umbrella. I can not dishonour the man Yves Saint Laurent was of course and have to be dressed the best I can for a visit to see Jardin Majorelle although it’s tourist spot too. If I ever…..

Sorry, I got carried away. If anyone knows the name of that documentary I mentioned? Please post it? I would be so very grateful.

~Adriana La Fou~

#2 sonya on 11.27.10 at 11:51 pm

i will watch it for sure!
i hope it honors saint laurent.

#3 arjen simon scheer on 01.25.11 at 11:42 am

the shirt still calculated whit the gosth whe all will miss you….

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