Ashley And Mary Kate Olsen New Haircuts

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Right, it’s really more like a new haircolor than a haircut, anyway, you’ll get my message, I’m sure. And we’ll try and figure it out together, that is, if you think it’s really worth it.

I always thought millionaires can do whatever they want, hence they can wear and do whatever they please. As such, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen may even pass as self made fashionistas when even they use stylists when they’re getting ready for special events. So what special event is this one to call for red hair and yellow hair respectively? Should we expect it to last? (photos via)

Ashley Mary Kate Olsen new hairstyle

Ashley Mary Kate Olsen new haircolor

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#1 Adriana on 06.23.10 at 8:07 am

They attend a 80’s revival punk/rock band only for the happy few?
Sheesh, young girls that can’t hold an umbrella? “Sighs deep, shakes head, rolls eyes…..”

Dear Mary-Kate and Ashley,

It’s really possible to carry a bag, ride a shopping trolley and hold up an umbrella and still looking elegant or nice at the same time. All you do is walk straight up and firm and just go. Cars will stop and then you smile! :)

All the best,

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