Sparkle – Swarovski Studded Contact Lenses

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I was hoping that the jewelry contact lenses were about to end where they begun. I was sooo wrong! Here’s the perfect way to get yourself a cartoon-eye!

Find a proper Sparkle (the contact lenses with micro-Swarovski crystals on), put it on, (say your prayer before!) and bliiing! Here you have your very own robot eyes to light the night away! These bejeweled lenses were part of a competition called Crystal Vision where they won second place. I imagine they only got second because they took the name of the competition too seriously. Orrr because they didn’t spell the competition’s name in crystals around the lenses… Are these Swarovski Sparkle threatening a market invasion?

Sparkle Swarovski Crystals Contact Lenses
(source via geekologie)


#1 Dolly Bird on 09.06.08 at 2:30 pm

Sounds and looks like a jackpot blingbling idea!I think its awesome!A little scary but awesome.

#2 Ellington on 09.07.08 at 4:11 pm

That’s just begging for your cornea to be scratched. I wonder what optometrists think of this product and would the actually recommend it to patients?
Like the other cataract inducing contact lenses jewelery that you posted, Kpriss, not too long ago I could see this being used in music videos and fashion shoots.

#3 Adriana on 09.08.08 at 11:48 am

Swarovski, Swarovski…..everywhere, anything has to bling with Swarovski…….now even our eyes…..

#4 kpriss on 09.09.08 at 5:28 am

You’re right, it’s swarovski-everywhere.. But if we’d ignore it, we couldn’t see our world as it really is right now! I sometimes am shocked of how far some things go.. Like this snobbish desire to sparkle, to be seen! It’s about some serious lack in education, I think!

#5 'sma on 01.05.09 at 10:11 am

I like’d these lenses, Swarovski = Bling bling =) I like bling bling !!

#6 naqia on 02.06.10 at 11:21 am

i wanna know where to buy this swarovski lenses . and how much does it cost ?

#7 Liesl Eva Margaret on 02.07.10 at 7:13 pm

I think these are so cool. I wear contacts – I don’t think they would scratch the cornea – the crystals would be embedded within the lens – the lens surface itself would protect the eye.

#8 Tiita on 07.25.10 at 2:49 am

As long as they dont scratch my eye when i try to put them on i’m all for the studded lenses!!I loves studded stuff!

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