Birthday Party In Louboutin Beverly Hills Store

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People choose extraordinary ways to celebrate extraordinary moments. Such is the case for a football player wife Reneece whose husband Ephraim Salaam (Huston Texan offensive) arrange for her birthday in a most unusual place to do so.

The Louboutin Store from Beverly Hills received the birthday girl with French pastries, Champagne, sparkling water (oh well, leave it like that for the menu, I think it was a hot day, one needs serious water supplies, what’s best is yet to come!) aaaand a $20,000 shopping spree. Reneece wasn’t selfish at all, sharing her joy with the three girlfriends who accompanied her: after buying 14 pairs of shoes, she also bought a pair for each of her friends. Isn’t football wonderful?

Christian Louboutin Store
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