Patch My Bag Vs Parrot Lookalike Contest

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Is there a new trend for the rich and bored? Like … “oh, look, my things look too put together, maybe if I’ll tear them here and there and then stitch them up together? Oh, wait? Can’t someone do that for me? Like a designer, or whatever….?”

Chloé Saskia Patchwork Pouchette. For only $1,560 you get a ….well… something that looks like a clutch and resembles nothing at all (if it had more colors, I would have proudly compared it with a parrot…).

Chloe Saskia Patchwork Pouchette and Fendi Rainbow Clutch

Aaaand, for the special super price of $1,950 you can get a Fendi Rainbow Clutch that looks like a… kindergarten handwork made from old boots or a leather vest you wanted to give away for charity. I look at it and still don’t get the name-connection. Who has ever seen a rainbow that ugly, raise your hand, please! (and watch out for the kiss blogosphere too! I think they might have a scoop on the bi-colored-rainbows)


#1 Ausra on 04.20.08 at 3:35 am

I must say I love both, especially the one from Chloe!

#2 Guerlain Homme Perfume — StyleFrizz on 07.11.08 at 2:45 pm

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