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In Which Joan Smalls Talks About Her Modeling Beginnings
Naturally, after a W magazine cover, comes a W magazine – style screen test. Joan Smalls’ W cover was my favorite this month (I liked... Read More

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Standing Up Against The Ever Shrinking Ideal Image Of Women
I think I’m feeling pretty militant today. I haven’t planned it like that, it just followed the natural path of what I read since I... Read More

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Most Effective Advertising Ever: Thai Health Foundation Anti Smoking Ad
I used to be a smoker. A long, long time ago. Now I can’t, for the life of me, understand those who smoke, and, especially... Read More

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Santigold Go (With Karen O)
My dahlings, I trust you’re doing great? (if so, why so silent, then?) Let’s freshen up with a summer tune, a dancing tune! Santigold Go... Read More

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Emma Stone Talking About Her And Her Vogue Pictorial
Talking with you about Emma Stone’s Vogue July 2012 cover taught me one important thing – not smiling doesn’t necessarily mean not happy. As I... Read More

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Kate Moss In A George Michael Video!
Remember George Michael’s Freedom 90 video? (who could ever forget it?) Then you’ll also remember Kate Moss wasn’t among the supermodels who appeared in the... Read More

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Michael Kiwanuka Tell Me A Tale
How was your weekend, my dahlings? Peaceful and loving, I hope? I said I’d keep the telling stories to a minimum these days and I’m... Read More

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Maison Martin Margiela H&M Collection Hits Stores November 15 2012
More about the Maison Martin Margiela collection with Hennes and Mauritz! This is definitely the official confirmation I’ve been waiting for! Two teaser videos have... Read More

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