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The Perfect Woman, According To Sony
I’ve seen this ad making waves on the interwebs and with good reason. I understand it targets a specific demographic and as such, any kind... Read More

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Wes Anderson’s Stop Motion Animated Ad For Sony Xperia
Wes Anderson. Brilliantly talented. Animations. Indisputable awesomeness. Smartphones. Absolutely indispensable. Kids. Resourceful imaginations. Summing it up: stop motion animation Sony Xperia smartphone TV ad by... Read More

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Cia Maritima Swimwear Collection. Ft Sony Vaio S Series By Benny Rosset
Cia Maritima is Brazil’s most important swimwear brand. However, during this year’s Swimwear Fashion Week 2012 from Brazil, something else other than weeny teeny swimsuits... Read More

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Sony Vaio Gets Crocodile Skin!
How to differentiate a fashionista’s computer from any other? First, a fashionista doesn’t have a desktop, she owns a laptop. It’s slick, easy to carry,... Read More

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Sony Goes Light And Fashionable With VAIO P Series
Technology targets women, it’s official. And that’s not just through mobile phones! Remember that beautiful Vivienne Tam HP? Well, Sony is going for the same... Read More

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