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Rachel’s Bilson Edie Rose Collection for DKNY
Why do we need designers anymore? Why all that fuss with catwalks, Project Runway, haute couture? We’ll always have tv/movie stars to draw our clothes... Read More

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Fashion has its dirty ways. But nobody’s showing that better than Brittany Murphy! When I came across this picture I felt my eyes were in... Read More

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Ashley Tisdale, her New Nose and her Louis Vuitton Night Out
I haven’t said a word about Ashley’s new nose ever since she appeared with because I believe that everyone has the liberty to do whatever... Read More

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Outfit of The Day – Every Rainy Day Outfit
If you thought you had a problem with rainy days, not it’s over! We’ve got the perfect ouftit to manage your gorgeous self through the... Read More

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Top 5 Fashion Trends for 2008
Fashion’s all about forecasting, predicting and luring the consumer. And because that is our true world of fashion, the trends are announced by Fortune magazine!... Read More

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Christmas Present of The Day – Mulberry Julie Verhoeven Handbag
Mulberry and Julie Verhoeven decided to create a collection of dresses, scarves, T-shirts, and bags. The colourful line is inspired by the British ecxcentricity and... Read More

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Outfit of The Day – The Stylish Green Reformer
It’s the moment to choose a camp, to choose a fight to fight. The Christmas Spirit is all about sharing, all about passion. Embrace a... Read More

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Outfit of The Day – Grey and Purple Symphony
Today we’re proposing you a light, neutral outfit in tones of grey, purple and brown. It’s easy to wear, it sure looks gorgeous and it... Read More

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