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Sandals Skates. Vintage Must Have This Summer
You know what’s fashionable this year in terms of footwear? Flatforms. Never heard of that before? Flatforms = flats + platforms. Which basically means that... Read More

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Sharon Stone’s Casual Look: T Shirt And Leggings
Leggings are not pants is decidedly something that doesn’t describe Sharon Stone’s wardrobe. The gorgeous actress was recently seen out and about (allegedly heading over... Read More

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Want Ashley Olsen’s Sandals? They’re Black Birkenstock Gizeh!
I was quietly making my rounds of the fashinterwebs, carelessly, completely ignorant of what I was going to find! Ashley Olsen, twin millionaire extraordinare, style... Read More

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The New Wardrobe Must For Little Girls: High Heels
You may remember I felt a bit outraged when the first pictures of little Suri Cruise wearing high heels sandals emerged. Just as I previously... Read More

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Lady Gaga Would Wear… Finsk Sandals
This is something only Lady Gaga would wear, I believe. As it is a marvelous shoe, outstandingly creative but implacably dangerous for anywearer’s health (plus... Read More

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Chunky Heels Are In For 2011
Don’t think about it twice, reading the title is all it takes to convince you to raid your mum’s closet! Consider yourself warned – the... Read More

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Cheese Shoes. For Real!
We’ve seen so many mad, mad fashthings around here. After each stunt I keep telling myself that from that point on, nothing will raise my... Read More

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Gorgeous Purple Platform High Heeled Sandals, Senso Diffusion
And what do we have here? Another one of those correspondence we actually did receive goodie! And what a gorgeous goodie it is! Our friend,... Read More

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