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Peaches Geldof Manicure Daisies And Letters
I found something interesting to show you. As a French Manicure girl, I always raise my eyebrows very high whenever I see a quirky manicure.... Read More

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Peaches Geldof Swimsuit Disaster
Peaches Geldof can be called many things, however, style icon is surely not one of those! I’m sure she’s a charming young woman, I’m sure... Read More

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Peaches Geldof Is Miss Ultimo Lingerie
Every time I think about underwear models, I can’t take the Victoria’s Secret angels cliché off my mind. I wish I didn’t have that stuck... Read More

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Do You Like Peaches Geldof?
If you don’t, it’s alright, it’s like… um.. Peaches would say.. like… um… Yeah, totally like! Like… Peaches Geldof doing what she does best (that’s... Read More

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The Young Fashion Generation
This should be a poster for a “Crack Is Not Fashionable” – campaign! (identifications: Peaches Geldof, Sophie, some random girl, Jethro Cave – son of... Read More

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Peaches Geldof Is A Complete Fashion Mess
There are two possibilities for this story: either Peaches Geldof thought she was making a poor little rich girl statement, either she took her father’s... Read More

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How To Mix Different Prints
… and not end up looking like Peaches Geldof? Well, you can start by not mixing different prints and you’ll be all safe! Peaches Geldof... Read More

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W Magazine Law & Order With Daisy Lowe And Peaches Geldof
I remember a time when the catchy tagline “Le fric, c’est chic” made history alongside Studio54’s iconic personalities. Now the Studio54 generation’s children try to... Read More

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