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Delicate Vintage Party Dresses For Special Occasions
The celebration spirit got to me! Finally! (I’ll get back on that “finally” later on) I found these two lovely dresses today I absolutely want... Read More

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Jeremy Scott Was At Katy Perry’s Wild West Birthday Party
You know I love a good costume! A good, funny costume is even better! Putting on a costume is always fun and brings out so... Read More

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Carine Roitfeld’s Irreverent Costume Party. Kanye West Costumed As Himself
Before launching her own magazine, Carine Roitfeld still has a thing or two to do. Take her book, for instance. Irreverent (that’s the book –... Read More

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Girly Party Dress Blue Ruffled Dress
Did I forget to tell you I love ruffled dresses? You could’ve suspected something years ago when I started the strapless D & G madness... Read More

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Party In Wonderland Style!
With Spring just around the corner (I wish!), the season of gardens parties is a blink away! I found this amazingly inspiring pictorial from a... Read More

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Party! It’s Easy Like ABC!
It’s the season. Backyard parties and so much more, everyone’s out enjoying the summer. And look what I found to make things funnier! ABC Paper... Read More

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Party Must: Black Feather Cape
Don’t underestimate the trendsetting powers of Heidi Klum Samuel! There goes my first item for the Party Must List: the Feather Cape! Black, shiny, real... Read More

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Birthday Party In Louboutin Beverly Hills Store
People choose extraordinary ways to celebrate extraordinary moments. Such is the case for a football player wife Reneece whose husband Ephraim Salaam (Huston Texan offensive)... Read More

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