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Beyonce Does New L’Oreal Ad. Because She’s Worth It
Though we all know how the celebs merchandising affairs go, it’s hard to not watch this teaser from L’Oreal and conclude that Beyonce is the... Read More

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Tom Ford Does Private Blend Lip Color Lipstick
I sometimes think Tom Ford is playing with us just for his private fun. Everyone and their respective dogs is waiting for his fashion collection... Read More

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Vanessa Paradis For Rouge Coco Lipstick Ad Campaign
While wearing a red Rouge a Levres has transcended from a simple cosmetically enhanced beauty gesture to myth, French songbird and actress Vanessa Paradis embodies... Read More

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Get Your Twilight Beauty Fix With Luna Twilight And Volturi!
The Twilight madness just spread its wings a bit further and reached your beauty case! Twilight Beauty collection is proudly presented to you via DuWop... Read More

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Dior Addict Lip Glow, For Moody Lips
Who bids on mystery anymore? That old fashioned education teaching a girl how to keep a mystery aura whenever, wherever is long gone! For the... Read More

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I Want My MTV Lip Butter!
Pledges are in fashion right now. And how could the Music Television miss out on the highest fashion around? The Body Shop and MTV Staying... Read More

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Kate Moss Self Portrait In Blood And Lipstick!
Who needs blood when you’ve got lipstick? Now that’s an artsy phrase wrote for our very dearest fashionista, Kate Moss! And it’s not just a... Read More

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Kissing my Napkin Notebook
Thinking about all those napkins that Pete Doherty used to write down Kate Moss’s beauty and just waiting down at the bar for the poet-prince-charming... Read More

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