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The New Fashion Books: 501 Jeans And Bikers Leather
There are fashion books and then there are fashion books. Which do you like most? No, haven’t omitted anything in the phrase above: from one... Read More

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Denim For Spring: Levi’s Liberty Collection
There’s hardly any reason to add something else other than Levi’s when you want to talk about how the denim craze started. Because it all... Read More

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How About A Levi’s Vintage Denim Tote
Since we all agreed that Levi’s is pretty much our favorite denim brand, how about a Levi’s bag? And not just any bag, but a... Read More

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Fashionista’s Favorite Jeans Brand: Levi’s!
It actually came as a surprise to me and it may be just the same for you, to hear who came first in fashion loving... Read More

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There Goes My Levi’s® Curve ID!
You know I often wondered if those fit – to – shape jeans really work or if they’re just a marketing clever scheme. Well it... Read More

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The Levi’s Double Denim Onesie
You know there’s just one thing I think about when looking at this Levi’s jeans Onesie: pregnancy jeans dungarees! I can’t help it, it’s that... Read More

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Worn Looking Jeans No Longer Being Produced?
In their restless efforts to make the world a better place, the giants are making a tiny little step: H & M and Levi Strauss... Read More

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Levi’s Curve ID, The Perfectly Fitting Jeans?
Now this is getting really fun: there’s another pair of perfect pants on the market! What’s with this quest for perfection? Isn’t anyone willing to... Read More

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