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Real Hair In Real Fashion Magazines. Shalom Harlow From The 90s
I realize this sounds like cut – out from Chris Rock’s documentary, but I mean good, I promise! I want us all to love our... Read More

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Candice Swanepoel’s Hair Is Naturally Curly
You may say to yourself right now – why this? Why do I choose to talk about Candice Swanepoel’s hair instead of … well, anything... Read More

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Anja Rubik Covers i – D Winter 2011. So Does Hailey Clauson
What was I saying earlier? Ah, yes – if we should follow that ombré hair thing? Forget all that! Take a look at Anja Rubik’s... Read More

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Drew Barrymore’s Hair Goes Back To Ombre. Should We Ombre Hair Too?
Longtime considered a proof of deteriorated hair, lighter colored hair ends is now living a high fashion moment. It’s been happening for a year now... Read More

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Candice Swanepoel Looking Great With Curly Hair
More famous for her unusually thin waist, Candice Swanepoel is holding the fashion front chin up, piling up on magazine pictorials and glamorous ad campaigns.... Read More

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Kate Winslet’s Harper’s Bazaar Confirms The Bob Hair Style Trend
Just a quick reminder to all of you out there still not knowing what hairstyle is most fashionable this season: Kate Winslet did a Harper’s... Read More

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Ryan Reynolds’ New Girlfriend? Blake Lively!
I only stopped to read this because of the side messy fishtail braid. Really. Whaaaat? Tssss… yeah, so whatever, the latest rumors place Blake Lively... Read More

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Easy How To Hairstyles
Remember we talked about this hairstyle situation a while back? I was concerned about personal style issues and, as always, I had a (hidden) conflict... Read More

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